In the northern part of Iceland runs one of the finest salmon rivers you will find, the Miðfjarðará. A 115 km long river system that is based on 4 rivers. The main river the Miðfjarðará, the Austurá, the Vesturá and the small Núpsá.

There are over 220 named pools on the whole system and we only fish with 6 – 10 rods depending on the time of the season. Anglers will have enough space to fish and the pools are well rested between fishermen to keep the fishing pressure down. The Miðfjarðará is well known for aggressive fish that most often tend to take surface flies, no matter the time of the season.

The Miðfjarðara is one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland with an average catch of around 3300 salmon for the past  seven years. The 2015 season was unique in catches as we landed 6000 salmon in the 99 day season.

Our studies show that the Miðfjarðará has a growing number of parr in all the 4 rivers and a really healthy natural stock of salmon. There are no smolt releasing programs on our rivers and we intend to keep it that way… Wild is the future.