Midfjardara has a very special meaning in my fishing life. This amazing river has educated me salmon fishing more than I deserve to learn. Among salmon operations this river is a solid performer year after year. Looking at the statistics Midfjardara is super productive. But that´s not been the case always. Since Rabbi took over the operation and focused on fly fishing and C&R numbers have ramped up big time both in cathes and size. Currently it´s fair to say that among any salmon river anywhere Midfjardara is hard to challenge… Respect the nature and it gives back.

Antti Pirinen

After 60 years of fishing I’ve found in Midfjardara something very close to my idea of perfection.

Easy access (even for rods who have lost their youthful agility) to lots of well-rested pools means no pressure; big runs of aggressive fish ready to come to a riffled hitch keep the adrenaline flowing. Top guides, a very comfortable lodge and delicious meals round the whole experience off nicely.

But above all it’s the fishing. When conditions on Midfjardara are tough, the fishing is good by the standards of most rivers; when conditions are good, there is no river I’d rather be on.

Alan Peck

“I’ve been fishing and guiding throughout Iceland for over a dozen years in more than 36 rivers, and there is not another river that offers more fishing challenges, environmental diversity and striking beauty than Midfjardara. It is the true Iceland, from majestic waterfalls to intense cliffs to rolling flatlands and world-class Atlantic salmon. The quality of fish and gorgeous topography are second to none. For one river that covers all Iceland has to offer, Midfjardara should be on the top of every anglers’ list.”

Henrik Mortensen

“Dear Rabbi,

Thank you very much for looking after me so well during my recent visit. It is always a treat to visit such a fabulous river as the Midfjardara and with the new staff and your enthusiasm it is as good as ever if not better.

It is one of my favourite rivers in Iceland and I have no hesitation recommending it to our clients who want the classic Icelandic fishing experience.”

Charlie White

“Fishing the Midfjardara with Rabbi is an experience like none other. Expectations are highly exceeded with epic fish in numbers that a fly fisher can only dream of. The lodging, food, river and guides are all top notch and laughing is the theme of each day. Iceland is a magical place that every angler must someday experience as it leaves a mark on the soul, heart and album of eternal memories. Thanks Rabbi!”

April Vokey

“I have had the privilege of fly fishing from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and there are only a few lodges I have found that offer the combination of comfortable rooms, good food, great guides, stunning scenery and excellent fishing – the Midfjardara is one of those destinations. Iceland is a destination that has a mystique for fly fishers and now having been there I understand why. Experienced Atlantic Salmon anglers know that landing a trophy fish at any lodge is something that at the best of times happens infrequently and fewer still can offer a strong chance for each angler in a group to land multiple fish – the Midfjardara is one of those destinations. If anyone asks me where they can be assured of good fishing and a great trip I always include the Midfjardara on the list.”

Jim Wilson
Wilsons fly shop

“My fishing companion, Tom Starke, and I have fished the Midfjardara many times over a period of 40 years. Needless to say there have been lean years and a few outstanding years but none that can compare to the fishing we experienced in 2009. The water in the Midfjardara was low for most of the season, so much so that the returning salmon could be seen running with their backs exposed in the shallow water. Regardless of the water levels the fish kept coming right up until the end of the season.

My friend and I shared a rod for a period of nine days, and while I am loath to cite numbers – they are in no way indicative of a successful fishing trip – they are impressive for a couple of old guys who fished at a leisurely pace and never for the entire fishing period. Our total for nine days was 90 fish hooked and 68 landed. To say that we were satisfied with the experience would be the understatement of our fishing careers.

Upgrades to the Midfjardara Lodge and dining room certainly complemented our stay. The outstanding and friendly staff and the service and quality of food has never been better. We are looking forward to 2010.”

Don Winters

“I have been very fortunate to have been able to fish for Atlantic salmon in many places. I had not been to Iceland and a friend knew I love to skate dry flies and suggested I try the Midfjardara.”Get in touch with Rabbi Alfredsson”, he said. I did. And I was not disappointed! The fishing was fantastic. Skating or hitching small tube flies on Midfjardara is incredible fun. The river is beautiful and not difficult to wade.

The guides are true professionals. They were always ready to help and share their knowledge.

The lodge is very comfortable and the staff is friendly and attentive. The evening meal is a communal affair when anglers from all over the world get a chance to know each other and revisit the day’s events over a delicious meal prepared by a trained chef.

I think the Midfjardara has something to offer anglers of all ages and skill levels.”

Joe Saverino

“Midfjardara is a trully unique experience!

Midfjardara is a river that every passionate salmon angler has to fish once in a lifetime. It has a large number of unique characteristics that I have personaly never found anywhere else: a massive diversity of waters and scenery, a massive quantity of fish including trully big fish (> 10kgs), an excellent lodge and some of the best guides I ever fished with.

I have been fishing there several times and it is just an obsession to go back… In 2009, my dad and I caught close to 80 fish on 2 rods in 4 days, including some nice 80cms fish. And such fish were caught using many different and exciting techniques: riffle hitch, upstream fishing, sunray shadow on surface, etc. It is just an unbelievable experience!”

Pierre Martini

“The Midfjardara is a river unlike anything I’ve ever fished. You can see the photos and hear all the stories but until you’ve made it there in person, it’s impossible to fully understand the hype. It’s more than the gin-clear pools and huge runs of fish; it’s the scenery, the people, and the atmosphere. It’s a real experience, and a fly fisher’s dream to find atlantics so eager to rise to a skated dry. I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to fish the Midfjardara.”

Yoshi Aoki
Flymax films

“Midfjaradara is my favorite Iceland Salmon river. I fished it over 30 yrs. Its better today than ever. In 09 I landed 30% more salmon than my previous high. the Midfjarada enjoys excellent accommodations,super meals, top notch guides and management, more importantly great salmon fishing. you can contact me personally email tsnow13903@aol.com”

Tom Starke

“I will never forget this trip – and hopefully one day I will be back to this adventurous place, with some of the best fly fishing on this planet. If you want to experience a week in a salmon paradise, this is the place to go.

On my blog, you can se a lot of pictures from this fantastic trip – www.pool32mag.blogspot.com”

Tight lines
Mark Wengler

“Have been fishing Island earlier with great success, so my expectations were high. Closing week of 2009 season, best season ever. The few things I knew about Midfjardara was that it was one of the best Hitch rivers in the world. And only minutes into my first day that was stated.

I had three never to forget day in Midfjardara with lots of fish landed. In my 25 year of fishing for atlantic salmon I have never seen anything like it. Excellent lodge with great food and service, and superb guides. Next seasons trip is already booked, as they say at FHD “wild is the future” I’ll keep coming back, am hooked on small flies and the best visual flyfishing in the world:-) Midfjardara should be on every flyfishers rivers to fish before I die list.”

Tight Lines and screaming reels
Jaran Gustavsen

“After 3 days fishing we (6 anglers) landed a grand total of 54 salmons.

This was a fantastic trip and it is absolutely recommended for everybody who’s interested in fishing. Great thanks to the staff and guides for excellent service. We will absolutely be back again next year.”

Oddvar Henriksen / Leif Haugland / Kjetil Kaasa / Idar Asak / Truls Nilsen / Arild Borgeteien

Nearly one year on, I am still raving about the fantastic week’s fishing on the Midfjardara in July 2009. This was the highlight of my fishing trips over the past few years. Dry weather, not much water but in spite of the not so good conditions the fishing was amazing not just for me but for all of us in the Lodge. The excitement of that pull on the line – not just once or twice but many times during the day. Lots of photos to look back on to recall those great memories of a very special week – just an amazing place. Rafn Alfredsson has done a fantastic job in getting the Midfjardara back on the map as well as re-furbishing the Lodge to a very standard. The food was excellent. A most memorable week – highly recommended.

I hope volcanic eruptions are not interfering with the fishing

Best wishes and kindest regards

Paul Cran