The Queen of the Rivers

Miðfjarðará, known in Iceland as “The Queen of the Rivers”, this stunning river with its gin clear water has over 200 named pools, and with only six to ten rods that rotate over five beats it is hard not to feel that you have this cracking river to yourself.

I’ve been fishing and guiding throughout Iceland for over a dozen years in more than 36 rivers, and there is not another river that offers more fishing challenges, environmental diversity and striking beauty than Midfjardara. It is the true Iceland, from majestic waterfalls to intense cliffs to rolling flatlands and world-class Atlantic salmon. The quality of fish and gorgeous topography are second to none. For one river that covers all Iceland has to offer, Midfjardara should be on the top of every anglers’ list.

Henrik Mortensen

Fishing the Midfjardara with Rabbi is an experience like none other. Expectations are highly exceeded with epic fish in numbers that a fly fisher can only dream of. The lodging, food, river and guides are all top notch and laughing is the theme of each day. Iceland is a magical place that every angler must someday experience as it leaves a mark on the soul, heart and album of eternal memories. Thanks Rabbi!

April Vokey

Midfjaradara is my favorite Iceland Salmon river. I fished it over 30 yrs. Its better today than ever. In 09 I landed 30% more salmon than my previous high. the Midfjarada enjoys excellent accommodations,super meals, top notch guides and management, more importantly great salmon fishing.

Tom Starke

The Midfjardara is a river unlike anything I’ve ever fished. You can see the photos and hear all the stories but until you’ve made it there in person, it’s impossible to fully understand the hype. It’s more than the gin-clear pools and huge runs of fish; it’s the scenery, the people, and the atmosphere. It’s a real experience, and a fly fisher’s dream to find atlantics so eager to rise to a skated dry. I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to fish the Midfjardara.

Yoshi Aoki

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