After the 2015 season who thought we would end up with such a great result as we did in 2016.  With a total number of 4.338.- salmon landed we are unbelievably happy with the results.  Unlike the 2015 season when over 90% of the catch were grils we had a great number of bigger fish this season.   Probably never have we landed as many fish over 100 cm  and the biggest one was a cracking 110 cm cock fish landed on the airport pool on beat 1.
Water levels were not always favourable but most part of the summer we could not complain. Like all of our anglers we are already looking forward to our 2017 season.

We have been playing around with some statistics and who said catch and release did not work?

From 1984 – 2008 (  25 seasons before C&R )  the total catch was 28.227 salmon or 1.129 salmon annually.
From 2009 – 2016 ( 8 seasons with C&R ) the total catch was 27.748 salmon or 3.469 salmon annually.

3.85 salmon pr rod pr day over 8 years is probably one of the best average catch pr rod you will find in the world of salmon fishing.